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Military Grade Joysticks, Hand Grips, Throttles, Trigger Switches

Military grade Joysticks (Enlarge)
  • Hand grips for Tanks, Helicopters, Aircraft & Weapon System Control.
  • Miniature Joysticks
  • Throttles for Aircraft (F-18, F-16 and more)
  • Emergency Breaks
  • Cyclics, Collectives, and Control grips  for Rotary Crafts
  • A wide variety of switches including 4 or 5 positions
  • Trigger switches, Toggle & Slide switches, Push buttons.


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Technical information

For Technical information from Mason's Website, Please press here.


Fixed Wing (F-16, F-18, Gulfstream), Rotary Wing (AH-64D Longbow, CH-47, Sikorsky S-76) & Land applications (M3A3 Bradley and more)


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