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Nicomatic Newsletter March 2010

President's Message; Olivier Nicollin, CEO

Nicomatic is pleased to be a valued supplier of interconnect products, switches and flat flexible cable. We offer 25 years of experience providing products and services all over the world with innovation and cost savings and look forward to continuing to be a value added resource. Our commitment of excellence to the industry is confirmed with the awarding of EN9100:2003 certificate to Nicomatic along with renewal for ISO 9001:2008.










1.27mm Pitch Secure Space Saving Jumper Cables

Nicomatic CrimpFlex™ 1.27mm pitch jumper cables offer lightweight flat flexible cables with robust crimp of contacts. These cables provide a solution for confined space requirements and with the ability to bend and flex, can replace round cables in many applications. Nicomatic is the only supplier worldwide who manufactures both FFC and interconnects, we can supply standard and custom designs fast and cost effectively.










Shielded FFC Cable - Aluminum Shield Provides EMI/RFI Protection.

Nicomatic now offers FFC cable with an Aluminum foil shield that provides protection against EMI/RFI. These cables are available in all pitches from 0.5 mm and higher, in almost any length and number of conductors. While Nicomatic recommends a shield that is grounded 360 degrees, externally on both ends to achieve maximum shielding effectiveness, we also provide cables with floating grounds and internally grounded shields for simple connections to ground.










Flat Flexible Cable Connection Option: Video Display Cable

Nicomatic Video Display Cables are built with Hirose DF9 connector, soldered and molded to 0.5mm pitch laminated flat flexible cable and is typically used in applications for board to flat panel display interconnects. This cable utilizes Nicomatic's ability to apply the DF9 connector to a laminated flat flexible cable and overmold a housing to provide a low profile, sealed and durable connector. Molds are available for 31, 41 and 51 pin connectors. The Display Cable meets Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) and Flat Panel Display Interface (FDPI-1) specifications.










Time Saving SMD Test Terminals

Responding to the market need for miniaturization and testing more complex and multi-component circuits NICOMATIC has designed miniature surface mount test terminals. Supplied on tape and reel for easy handling and use and supplied from stock at a competitive pricing.










CrimpFlex™ FFC LED Lightstrips

Nicomatic CrimpFlex™ FFC LED Light Tape - for decorative and safety lighting. Combining Nicomatic capabilities of manufacturing Flat Flexible Cable, CrimpFlex™ Connectors, UltraThin SMD LEDs along with placement ability, these light tapes may be used alone or connected to one another, making it easy to configure lighting solutions for channel and reverse-channel letters, signs, displays, under-the-counter and architectural applications.



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