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Flexible Heaters

Flexible Heaters (Enlarge)

Silicone & Kapton Flexible heaters

Various sizes

UL component recognition

Possible to combine with sensors, thermostats & termistors

Customized fflexible heaters

lead wires available 

Can be supplied with a variety of insulation types on one side of the heater.

Resistance to Fungi (Kapton heaters)

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Technical Information:

Temprature Range:

Silicone: -70º Fahrenheit upto 450º Fahrenheit

Kapton: -320 Fahrenheit upto 400º Fahrenheit

Maximal Watts density:

60(Rubber Silicone heaters) W/Inch² 

50 (Kapton heaters) W/Inch²

12 (Wire wound silicone heaters) W/Inch²

Maximal Voltage: 600ºV

For technical information from Heatron's website please press here

For technical information regarding Kapton Flex heaters from Heatron's website please press here.

For technical information regarding Silicone Flex heaters from Heatron's website please press here.



For application that require accurate climate control - Anti-freezing, culture 

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