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M83723 Circular Connectors

M83723 CONNECTORS (Enlarge)

M83723 Connectors combine the advantages of the 26500 and NAS-1599 miniature connectors


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Technical Information:

Mating: Bayonet, Threaded Coupling incl. Lanyard Release Quick Disconnect.

MIL-DTL-83723 SERIES III (Click for Datasheet)
M83723/71: Wall mount receptacle with socket contacts
M83723/72: Wall mount receptacle with pin contacts
M83723/73: Jam nut receptacle with socket contacts 
M83723/74: Jam nut receptacle with pin contacts 
M83723/75: Straight plug with socket contacts
M83723/76: Straight plug with pin contacts
M83723/77: RFI grounding plug with socket contacts
M83723/78: RFI grounding plug with pin contacts
M83723/82: Wall mount receptacle, threaded
M83723/83: Wall mount receptacle, threaded
M83723/84: Jam nut receptacle, threaded
M83723/85: Jam nut receptacle, threaded
M83723/86: Straight plug, threaded
M83723/87: Straight plug, threaded
M83723/91: RFI grounding plug, threaded
M83723/92: RFI grounging plug, threaded
M83723/95: Self locking plug, threaded
M83723/96: Self locking plug, threaded
M83723/97: Self locking RFI plug, threaded
M83723/98: Self locking RFI plug, threaded



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