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Elimec markets a variety of products targeted at the Aerospace market, including products for aircraft, Helicopters & Space applications

the following is a partial list of the Elimec's Aerospace products (Please press on the orange links for further information) 


Cables & Wires

Joysticks, Hand Grips, Throttles & Emergency Brakes for Helicopters & Fixed wing Aircraft


  • Hermetic Connectors - Glass to Metal
  • Rectangular connectors
  • Circular Connectors

    Racks (MIL-STD-810F)


  • Illuminated switches
  • Rotary switches

    Flat AMLCD Displays


    Interior/Exterior Lighting for fixed wing aircraft

    • Cockpit lights
    • Dome lights
    • Emergency lights
    • Flood lights
    • Panel lights
    • Reading lights
    • Air refueling lights
    • Anti-collision lights
    • Fuselage lights
    • Landing lights
    • and more...

    Interior/Exterior Lighting for rotary wing aircraft (Helicopters)

    • NVIS Postlight
    • Cockpit lights
    • Emergency lights
    • Flood lights
    • Panel lights
    • and more
  • Other Application Fields:

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