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Cobo Group

Main Line of Products:  Automotive electrical & electro-mechanical components


Lamps & Lights: rear lamps, front lamps, dual face lamps, number plate lamps, road headlamps, work lamps, inspection lamps, dome lamps, puddle lamps. Siren light bars, warning lights, rotating beacons. 

Switches: Key ignition switches, light switches, PTO switches, battery main switches, rocker switches.

Other: Automotive seats, automotive instruments & displays, steering wheels, steering column, fuse boxes, coupling joints, inverters, converters, relays.   


COBO Group is composed of several companies, located around the heart of the industrialized area formed by the provinces of Milan, Turin and Genoa. The group specializes in the development and production of electrical and electronical components, seats, steering wheels and completely assembled column kits for manufacturer of industrial vehicles, agricultural machines, earth moving machines and lift trucks, as well as custom-built cars and motorcycles.


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