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TE Connectivity - CII

Main Line of Products: High Performance Military Relays & Solenoids



  • Low Power Hermetic Relays:
    • TO-5 relays
    • RF Relays in TO-5 assembly upto 5GHz
    • Solid State Relays
    • Delay Relays – For Space Applications.
    • QPL: M28766, DESC 860***, M5757, MS2724*, M39016/**, M28750
  • Mid Range Relays:
    • QPL: M83536, AC/DC 5A-25A
    • Time Delay Relays: M83726
  • Sensors, Monitors & Protective Relays
  • Profile:

    Tyco CII offers the broadest range of relays in the world. Switching capabilities range from dry circuit to 50A, and as high as 6 GHz. Electromechanical, solid state and hybrid types. Tyco CII broad line of relays features expansive sets of options for enclosure, termination, input, contact arrangement and rating. High performance types are designed specifically to operate in extremely rigorous environments (shock, vibration, temperature, altitude) such as encountered in military and aerospace applications. Tyco CII Relays are currently qualified to MIL-R-39016, MIL-R-28776, MIL-R-28750, MIL-R-5757, MIL-R-83726, MS27245, MS27247, MIL-R-6106 and MIL-R-83536. The company’s rigid quality assurance program exceeds MIL-STD-790.


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