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Main Line of Products: RFI, EMI & EMP Shielding Products


Gaskets: Form-In-Place Gaskets, Knitted Wire Mesh Gaskets/Mesh & Elastomer Combination Gaskets, Metal Screen & Fiber Gaskets, Oriented Wire Mesh Strip & Gasket Material, Low Closure Force Gaskets


Air Ventilation Panels
Beryllium Copper Fingerstock
Conductive Silicone Elastomers
Conductive Systems
Shielded Windows
Shielding Components
Shielding Laminates & Tapes & Foils


TECKNIT was first incorporated in the state of New Jersey in June 1958 as Technical Wire Products. The original facility consisted of 10,000 square feet of space. Today Tecknit occupies over 85,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space in NJ, England, Mexico, Spain & China. On October 16, 2006, the Parker Hannifin Corporation acquired the TECKNIT division from its Technical Wire Products parent. TECKNIT operates as a Business Unit in the Chomerics Division of the Parker Hannifin Corporation.

Over the years, TECKNIT products have been designed into thousands of highly advanced commercial and military applications. These products include knitted wire mesh, conductive silicone elastomers, Fabric-Over-Foam gaskets, conductive coatings, adhesives, vent panels, windows and beryllium copper EMI gaskets. TECKNIT’s R & D engineers are constantly developing new products and modifying existing products in anticipation of changing markets and customer needs


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