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Shock Tech

Main Line of Products: Vibration & Shock Mounts


Vibration & Shock Mounts: Cable , Elastomeric, Fluidic, Wire-Mesh


Shock-Tech was established in 1989 to design and manufacture high quality cost effective shock and vibration isolators, sheet metal assemblies, shock systems that protect electronic, mechanical, optical equipment from harsh environments: shock, vibration, cooling, EMI, RFI.
By optimizing and often combining the performance potential available from such diverse materials as natural rubber, synthetic elastomerics, silicon fluids, steel cable and springs, Shock-Tech's engineers have developed a line of competitively priced mounts that match and exceed the spectrum of those made by other well known isolator manufacturers such as Lord and Barry. Experience gained from years of solving shock and vibration problems, coupled with the company' s advanced isolator and materials technology, has enabled Shock-Tech's engineers to make innovative contributions in allied product areas. Today, Shock-Tech manufactures ShockCabinets™, ShockTrays™, ShockRacks™, ShockCases™, ShockSkids™, high damped materials and is, in addition, a supplier of a sophisticated line of mounts for Diesel Engines and Gensets.
Shock-Tech is dedicated to providing its customers with unparalleled service, innovative engineering, quality products that are cost effective and deliver optimum performance, short lead times, on time deliveries, continuous technical support, and long term partnering.


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