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Main Line of Products: Elastomers & Vulcanized Metal Parts


Custom made Elastomeric Parts

Elastomer Tooling: for molding of composite materials.

Seals & Gaskets: Aerospace fuel, window, inflatable door seals, wing gaskets,aerodynamic gasketing.

O-Rings: for use in chemical & cryogenic applications


Profile: Rubbercraft is a leader in the development and manufacture of high performance application specific, elastomer parts and components.

Rubbercraft designs, develops and manufactures precision-engineered custom elastomer and rubber parts, components and systems for the aerospace, commercial aviation, communications, defense, fitness, medical, and transportation industries. The Company has a wide-range of capabilities and know-how in precision-molded and extruded rubber and elastomers. Rubbercraft has expertise in surface bonding of elastomers to metal, fabric, composites and Teflon® and specializes in rubber to metal and rubber to composite bonding designs that mold seals directly to surfaces. Elimec Ltd. servers as Rubbercraft Representative in Israel.


Rubbercraft website


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