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Conesys J-Tech

Main Line of Products: Connectors


Circular Connectors:MS3400, MS3450, M83723 series III

Rectangular Connectors: M28748/09, M28748/10

Commercial Industrial connectors: VG95234 (German Specs), BAN7025 ( McDonnell Douglas Commercial Airplane requirements).

Rugged RJ45 Connectors: Cat 6 ethernet connectors, better than IP67 sealing, Shock & Vibration resistance

Rugged USB Connectors: IP67 sealing, Shock & Vibration resistance.

Fiber Optic Terminals: M29504/4 and /5 Rev C, Fiber Optic Terminals.


Utilizing proven connector technology and twelve years of connector experience, J-TECH serves commercial, industrial, defense, entertainment, ground and air transportation markets. J-TECH's connectors are in products as divergent as Airbus, and 717 commercial airplanes, heavy cranes and earthmoving equipment, sound systems and stage lighting for concerts, mining, stealth submarines, nuclear aircraft carriers, jet fighters, tanks, and noise suppression equipment for pilots of helicopters. J-TECH is dedicated to providing quality, service, and solutions through the use of innovative technology for process improvement, product development and cost control. Elimec Ltd. serves as J-tech representative in Israel


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