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Magnetic Shield

Main Line of Products: CO-NETIC® and NETIC® Magnetic Shielding


Foils & Sheets: CO-NETIC® and NETIC® Magnetic Shielding Foils & Sheets with high permeability and high attenuation properties.

Shielded Cables: Magnetically Shielded interweaved cables.

Zero Gauss Chambers

Shielded Rooms, Boxes, Cells

Profile: For more than 60 years, Magnetic Shield Corporation has been the premier supplier of custom magnetic shields, room and wall EMF shields and magnetic shielding material. The company's trademarked Mumetal®, CO-NETIC® and NETIC® alloys offer the same high permeability as Hipernom®, HyMu-80® and Permalloy®. They have been used in applications as varied as crt monitor shields, NASA satellites, US Navy submarines, room and wall shields, heart monitors, computer hardware, check readers, and lasers. Magnetic Shield has even shielded an entire utility substation.


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