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Nexter Electronics

Main Line of Products: Embedded Electronics Systems


Batmaster - allows the user of a vehicle to be informed on the charging and condition status of its electric battery 

Power Pack Plus (P3) - a solution for optimizing the autonomy of electric vehicles composed of a battery and a super-capacitor, a combination that lengthens battery lifetime by more than 30%, increases vehicle autonomy and extends the number of cycles by more than 20%

Soft Start Solution (S3): solution to reduce the stresses on the mechanical parts of torques on the starters.

Intelligent Integrated Interruptor (I3): electronic control solution for contactors and circuit-breakers assuring line and related equipment protection.


Based in Aerospace Valley, the flagship high-technology competitiveness cluster near Toulouse, Nexter Electronics is now a wholly-owned subsidiary company of the Nexter Group specializing in embedded electronic systems engineering. The expertise of the company's 120 highly qualified staff makes Nexter Electronics a leader in the design, production and operational readiness maintenance of electronic equipment for long-life embedded systems used in severe environments. Recognized and appreciated for its skills in the military environment, Nexter Electronics is now committed to extending its expertise into other industry sectors as part of strengthening its core business by identifying dual-purpose applications for its technologies. Many aerospace, rail and automotive industry customers put their trust in Nexter Electronics' innovative products and their well-earned reputation for reliability. Nexter Electronics has won orders valued at €20.5 million in 2010.


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