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MILCOTS (Enlarge)

Main Line of Products: Rugged Mobile Computing & Military Display for COTS based Military Applications


Milcots Ruggedized Displays
LED Backlit Ruggedized Panel PCs
Rugged Mobile Computing
Rugged Compact Computers
Operating Interface Panels
MILCOTS Mobile Operator Consoles
Ruggedized Mobile Video Walls - Naval Video Walls
Shock Isolation Systems
Milcots Accessories  


Profile: Milcots has been making rugged computers and displays for the US military since 2002.
Milcots success in creating ultra-reliable and qualified military computer displays in bulkheads and consoles began with the US Navy, and as the Company's reputation spread, The engineering department were invited to engineer deployed and qualified military screen solutions for the US Army and Air Force branches.
Milcots’ inhouse team of engineers has a century of experience working with military applications. Milcots expertise is solving the complex MIL-STD requirements of the military display markets and balancing the newest technology with the product longevity that program managers demand.
Milcots use of a modular design allows for dozens of optional permutations of MIL-STD requirements. This design approach minimizes initial NRE costs and enables quick turnaround for tech refreshes further down the product lifecycle.
Milcots solves problems, providing Form Fit and Function replacements for obsolete units and creating long lasting new solutions for new programs. The Company's military tough, rugged mobile computer systems are designed to meet the most severe requirements encountered in military environments, and are the computers of choice for sea, air and ground applications.



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