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Short Range Radars with integration to PTZ cameras

Short Range Radars  (Enlarge)

Elimec distributes Magos series of short range Radars.

Magos manufactures Radars with built in interface to PTZ cameras which allows the Radar to automatically direct security cameras (thermal or CCTV) towards a target which was aquired by the radar. The interface is user friendly and also allows watching the camera video and rafar map through a smartphone, thereby allowing for excellent security without the need of a dedicated command & control room.

  • The interface also allows the user to define an "area of interest" within the area covered by the Radar, and receive alerts for any movement within this area.
  • 360 degrees coverage
  • No moving parts - digital radar scan.
  • Cost competitive Radar pricing

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SR110 (click to download brochure):

  • Area covered: 500 meters for vehicle detection, 300 meters for human detection.
  • Elevation coverage: 60 degrees
  • Sealing: IP66 anti dust and waterproof
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz.

SR500 (click to download brochure):

  • Area Covered: 350 meters for human detection
  • Elevation coverage: 30 degrees
  • Frequency: 5.5GHz

Sales Engineer:

Eran Reshef,, 972-3-9592529


For Security Intrusion detection applications such as solar farm security, agricultural farm security, infrastructure security, industrial installation security, sensitive sites security, factories security.

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