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M24308 Connectors in stock

M24308 (Enlarge)

M24308 Connectors in Stock, QPL with manufacturer COC, 1-2 days delivery. 

The prefered source for M24308 connectors with fast delivery and competitive prices!

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Complementary Products:

Backshells: M24308 clamps available in stock.


Technical Information:

Standard Density M24308 Connectors:

Part Number Type Contacts Deep Straight Clamp Round Cable Clamp
M24308/4-1F Male 9 M85049/48-1-1F M85049/48-2-1F
M24308/4-2F Male 15 M85049/48-1-2F M85049/48-2-2F
M24308/4-3F Male 25 M85049/48-1-3F M85049/48-2-3F
M24308/4-4F Male 37 M85049/48-1-4F M85049/48-2-4F
M24308/4-5F Male 50 M85049/48-1-5F M85049/48-2-5F
M24308/2-1F Female 9 M85049/48-1-1F M85049/48-2-1F
M24308/2-2F Female 15 M85049/48-1-2F M85049/48-2-2F
M24308/2-3F Female 25 M85049/48-1-3F M85049/48-2-3F
M24308/2-4F Female 37 M85049/48-1-4F M85049/48-2-4F
M24308/2-5F Female 50 M85049/48-1-5F M85049/48-2-5F


High Density M24308 Connectors:

Part Number Type Contacts Deep Straight Clamp Round Cable Clamp
M24308/4-11F Male 15 M85049/48-1-1F M85049/48-2-1F
M24308/4-12F Male 26 M85049/48-1-2F M85049/48-2-2F
M24308/4-13F Male 44 M85049/48-1-3F M85049/48-2-3F
M24308/4-14F Male 62 M85049/48-1-4F M85049/48-2-4F
M24308/4-15F Male 78 M85049/48-1-5F M85049/48-2-5F
M24308/4-16F Male 104 - -
M24308/2-11F Female 15 M85049/48-1-1F M85049/48-2-1F
M24308/2-12F Female 26 M85049/48-1-2F M85049/48-2-2F
M24308/2-13F Female 44 M85049/48-1-3F M85049/48-2-3F
M24308/2-14F Female 62 M85049/48-1-4F M85049/48-2-4F
M24308/2-15F Female 78 M85049/48-1-5F M85049/48-2-5F
M24308/2-16F Female 104 - -


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